We're a group of creative thinkers, people who aren't afraid to take chances and love exploring new territory.


Fredric Freeman

An Interactive Art Director & Designer and has been on a journey fueled by creativity and innovation, initially sparked by a Packard Bell 486DX 33mhz, a Das EFX CD and floppy disk copy of Doom. Along the way, he has reshaped the image of the largest banks in America, helped transition one of the nation’s most recognizable brands into the world of mobile, toured the nation as a DJ and became a professor of Interactive Design and Animation. His award winning tours of duty include stints at Razorfish, Tierney, Bristol Myers Squibb, Philadelphia University, Ultra Records, and Lombardi’s Original Brick Oven Pizza in Philadelphia.

Geoff Hollander

An avid marine forager, motorcyclist and attorney, Geoff spent 5 years living, working and studying in Tokyo before venturing back to Philadelphia to continue his journey through life.  He brings a unique perspective to every problem by combining empathy, creativity, analytical problem solving, and experience to understand the most subtle of nuances. If brainstorming was a force of nature, Geoff would clearly be a hurricane.


Georgia Spangenberg

Georgia’s focus is getting inside the minds of users and designing interactive experiences for them. Her favorite quote from Ricky Williams, best articulates her perspective on design & technology: “My concept of the truth expands on a daily basis. My loyalty is to the truth and not to consistency.” She’s spent most of her career working at digital agencies on a plethora of projects - from brand campaign digital experiences, to new product launch strategies, to designing large-scale web platforms. 


Collective Collaborators

Cat Walshak
Social Media Ninja


Sheldon Abba
Project Management

Terry Kilby
Drone Technology
Elevated Element

Michael Vincent Patrick
Sound Design
Designer Drugs

Carrie Morrissey
Fashion Designer/Founder